Home Articules Why did the Bureau call for an investigation into Nsfas?

Why did the Bureau call for an investigation into Nsfas?

Why did the Bureau call for an investigation into Nsfas?

SIU administrator
In recent days it has become public knowledge that the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is currently being investigated for corruption by the Special Investigation Unit (SIU). The investigation was initiated by a procedure initiated by the President.

Allegations of corruption and maladministration in the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) emerged and President Cyril Ramaphosa authorized an investigation into the scholarship.

This comes after the President issued a statement directing the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) to investigate allegations of fraud and corruption in the scholarship scheme. The President did so to strengthen the country’s defenses against fraud and corruption and created the National Anti-Corruption Council.

“I hereby, in accordance with Section 2(1) of the Act, refer the matters listed in the Schedule in relation to NSFAS for investigation to the Special Investigation Unit established by Proclamation No. R. 118 of 31 July 2001”

The President’s statement aims to use legislation to create a framework through which the findings of the investigation will be used to take legal and disciplinary action against those found guilty of the above offenses under NSFAS.


The alleged allegation being investigated by the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) against NSFAS is set out below according to a statement by the President.

Serious maladministration in relation to NSFAS matters;
Improper or unlawful conduct by NSFAS employees or officials;
misappropriating or issuing public money or property;
illegal, unlawful or unauthorized acquisitive acts, transactions, measures or practices affecting government property;
intentional or negligent loss of public money or damage to public property;
an offense set out in Parts 1 to 4 or section 17, 20 or 21 (if it relates to the above offences) of Chapter 2 of the Prevention and Suppression of Corrupt Practices Act 2004 (Act No 12 of 2004), and what offenses were committed in relation to NSFAS matters
unlawful or improper conduct of any person which has caused or may cause serious injury to the interests of the public or any category thereof;
This also means reviewing the complete transaction history for the scholarship scheme from April 1, 2016 to August 26, 2022 on Fridays. In addition, all loans and scholarships will be investigated, along with any funds that may have been provided in lieu of funds that may be missing.

The SIU will also investigate any possible official collusion with the entities concerned and also determine whether they were TVET colleges, large universities or residential organizations.

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