Where to find student accommodation in Cape Town

Student accommodation is often seen as a safe, comfortable and cheaper alternative to private renting at university. If you are a student living in Cape Town and looking for a place to live, below is a list of websites that could help you find the perfect accommodation.
Moving away from home is a huge transition, but choosing where to live after graduation is one of the most important and exciting decisions you’ll have to make as a student.

There are many accommodation options to consider, whether it’s homestays, private student accommodation or halls of residence.

Most students prefer to live in residence halls because it is convenient, gives them access to university resources, and ultimately saves them the hassle of a daily commute.

Where to find student accommodation in Cape Town:

Digsconnect – Founded in 2018, Digsconnect is Africa’s largest student accommodation marketplace. The platform created an easy way for students to find living spaces.
South Point – South Point is an online platform that helps students find accommodation within walking distance of most institutions as well as public transport zones.
Nest – NEST provides comfortable and affordable student accommodation in Cape Town.
Student and Life – Located in Cape Town, Student and Life offers safe, affordable and exciting student accommodation.
My Domain Living – My Domain Living is one of Cape Town’s off-campus student accommodation facilities.
Campus Key – CampusKey provides luxury all-inclusive student accommodation for students looking for a place to live on campus.
Deciding where you want to stay is not an easy decision and there are many factors to consider, one of which is always good advice when choosing accommodation.

Visit any of the student accommodation websites above to find out more about what they have to offer.

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