Ways to prevent and fight body odor

The Ways to prevent and fight body odor depend on the mode of sanitary you are, fighting body odor helps show you how clear and sensitive you are.


They may ask, What is body odor: Body odor is an irritative smell, from the body due to the wrong maintenance of your body or it times cause by your hormones during puberty time.

Having body odor is (just like a dirty smell monkey) when once you just notice some different sensations smells on your body or part of your body, kindly find a simple way to fight or prevent them, but to do this there is some reasonable step to follow in this situation, body odor is not good for human health, so we need to eliminate them far away from our body to make us look like a nice human being.

So here are the steps to follow and live this situation and the causes of body odor.

 The cause of body odor

  • Having Heavy exercise every day can easily cause body odor.
  • Very hot weather can also cause body odor.
  • Being overweight every day can cause body odor.
  • Replacement in hormones can cause body odor.
  • Some health situations like liver disease, kidney disease, and other situations can cause that also.
  • Eating too many oily foods, heavy-smelling foods like curry, and onions can move through your pores which may cause body odor.

Prevents and cures, body odor

  • Ensure to always keep your underwear dry.
  • Always take your bath with clear and treated water.
  • Wash your cloth with a sweet-smelling soap.
  • Eating too many heavy-smelling foods like curry and garlic and other strong-smelling items should be avoided.
  • Always spray high-quality perfume to prevent the smell.
  • Shaving your under part is very important in maintaining body odor.
  • At last, ensure to drink water to keep you hydrated.

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