The government plans to recruit young people to work in software engineering

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South Africa’s staggering youth unemployment seems to be growing every day, but the government has come up with a different strategy to tackle the problem.

The government has come up with a plan to tackle high youth unemployment by giving a staggering number of young people the opportunity to become software developers.

The plan is to train one million people across Africa to become software developers over the next five years through the Power Learn Project (PLP) scholarship.

Software engineering is among the most sought-after career choices in South Africa, but also around the world. Being able to code and create software is a beneficial skill as the world continues to advance technologically.

#1MillionDevs4Africa, PLP’s flagship program, has been launched, first in Kenya and now in South Africa, to train one million software developers across the continent by 2027.

Following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s commitment to a “skills revolution” in South Africa, where he has announced that subjects such as coding and data analysis will be introduced at primary school level to prepare for future employment, the partnership with the Power Learn project is one step. to achieve this.

How PLP plans to achieve its goal of training one million people in software engineering is through “a very robust curriculum that focuses on training software programming languages,” says Mumbi Ndung’u, PLP’s chief growth and operations manager.

PLP, in partnership with Startup Business Campus (one of South Africa’s leading business investment hubs), is looking for this million people to provide employment for the youth, support the local and global technology industry as well as address local challenges.

Ndung’u says the PLP is “not even scratching the surface” of finding one million people to train because of the current need in the software job market.

“We need over a million software engineers, so it’s something that’s very ambitious but very possible,” he says.

The program provides training that runs for sixteen weeks, during which the PLP will work in partnerships across different countries.

Lucky Litelu, founder and CEO of Startup Business Campus says that youth is our greatest wealth and therefore it is necessary to invest in them.

“Startup Business Campus is very excited to partner with PLP on this exciting, high-impact capacity-building initiative to unlock Africa’s digital economy and create pathways to sustainable prosperity for young people on the continent,” says Litelu.

Founded in 2022 in Kenya, PLP is a pan-African impact organization with a vision to drive transformative change for youth in Africa by empowering them with relevant technology capabilities through the provision of quality, affordable and decentralized technology training.

Skills development and technological capacity have been recognized as critical to developing solutions to unemployment and underemployment in South Africa and Africa as a whole.

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