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Step to hatch catfish in south Africa

Step to hatch catfish in south Africa

Step to hatch catfish in South Africa is a very interesting farm business that requires skillful men and women. Hatching catfish is one of the acts that can help you bring up multiple fishes into your fish pond and in this case, it can help in bringing job opportunities for others and also bring income to the farmer.

Hatching catfish is good but is bad when you as the new farm hatcher do not have adequate ideas on how to do the hatching. Hatching as the name implies is the production of multiple and single babies from their mothers’ eggs through incubating.

Simple step to hatch the egg

  • Having the idea to know the male and the female catfish
  • Kindly select and remove the ready female and male eggs: This means that the ready ones will perfectly have a reddish color on their genital organs.
  • Scale the brook stock.
  • Inject the female catfish with the synthetic hormones: These are the ovaprim or ovulin on the tails of the fish. Before doing this, cover the fish’s head with a moist towel to help prevent the fish from dying.
  • Separate them
  • Note for you, do not allow the female catfish to see light when the hormones are released into them, cover them for 8 hours.
  • Remove them.
  • Kindly press the female fish’s genital system gently to avoid harming the female fish.
  • Kindly stop if you observed a blood stain on that genital system.

To the males

  • Kindly kill the male fish and bring out the (milt sac which is the spermatozoa), cover the milt sac with a clear paper toilet tissue.
  • Kindly combine the milt with the solution of saline, then mix the eggs with the solution and stir it with a soft chicken quill.
  • Carefully pour them into the net on top of the incubator and covered with water and closed it with black thick nylon for about 24 hours.
  • Come back, and check on them after 24 hours, you will notice that the hatched ones will go down well the dead ones will be on top.
  • Remove net immediately to prevent pollution.

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