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Step by step way of making Liquid detergent

Step by step way of making Liquid detergent

Being a laundry business person also being able to produce a liquid detergent substance by yourself can also bring you up and prevent you from wasting money on different detergents for your laundry service, not only for laundry work only you can also produce it and sell it out to earn some money as a student. people may ask, What’s a liquid detergent: A liquid detergent is a concentrated solution cleansing agent that is different from soap and can also be used in washing and removing dirt suspension in fabrics and other materials.


Here is the step to follow which will enable you to be able to produce your liquid detergent for your home use and commercial distribution.

All ingredients needed in producing your liquid detergent

  • Use eight percent -130 percent gram of sodium lauryl ether sulfate. This is a (base ingredient of liquid detergent) that you can use.
  • Use five percent or 50 grams of coconut diethonol amide. The additive that will enable detergent lather in your detergent.
  • Use three percent or 30 grams of sodium tripolyphosphate. This substant enable your to be able to remove dirt suspension in your cloth.
  • Use Five percent-one percent or five-ten grams of mineral/table salt.
  • Use eight Milliliters of clean water.
  • Use two drops of lemon for fragrance

All Tools needed in making liquid detergent

  • The teaspoon is needed in the process.
  • Clean beaker
  • A graduated cylinder is needed.
  • Stainless steel receptacle and electric mixer are needed in the process to make the work faster and easier.
  • Stirrers are also needed.
  • The mixing bowl is very needed in the process.
  • Hand clove.

Preparation of your Liquid detergent

  • Mix the correct percentage of sodium lauryl ether sulfate and water together.
  • Pour the mixture into the beaker and add a small quantity of water to it and mix it properly
  • Put 50 grams of coconut diethanol into it use a stirrer to mix it.
  • Mix it until it becomes sticky. put a small amount of water when mixing it, to avoid creating bubbles. Put aside the coconut diathonol amide – sodium lauryl ether sulfate mixture when it turns creamy.
  • In a different mixing bowl, add a teaspoon of sodium tripolyphosphate. Put it aside.
  • Bring your cream and Steering it again gently. when the mixture bubbles, put gently the sodium tripolyphosphate mixture Still mixing. Always use the electric mixer to mix.
  • In also a different mixing bowl, turn two tablespoons of salt into liquid, before adding it to the sodium tripolyphosphate and coconut diathonol amide to sodium lauryl ether sulfate mixture.
  • Put two liquid drops of lemon fragrance into the mixture.
  • Still mixing it, with the electric mixer till it turns a creamy substance.
  • Pour it into a clean bowl and keep it aside.
  • Check and remove all bubbles forming in the substant.
  • Absent bubbles in it, turn the liquid detergent into a  bottle.
  •  Before 24 hours your detergent is ready to be used,

kindly enjoy your active detergent well. If penetrated into the eye use clean water to wash it out

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