Step by step to format and reformat your laptop

Being able to Format your system by yourself is a very wonderful thing to you as the owner of the laptop. when your laptop is easily attacked by a virus, the best thing for you to do is to Format your laptop so that your laptop will regain its power the mode of operations, and how it functions before.

People may ask what virus: This is a program written to alter the mode a computer operates and is designed to spread from one computer system to another when they are attached together. the virus is a very harmful program that may easily cause the downfall of a laptop system and other electronic devices, to sort this out the best way is to Format your laptop System and also be able to reformat it again.

Here is the important step to follow which will truly take you out of the danger.

  • The Installation of CDs

If you are worried about the way your laptop function because of too much over crowing of software and malicious software in your laptop you need to format your system, first before you format your system you must have to check whether you have all of the software you will need to restore your computer back to its normal mode.


  • Methodology of restoration.
  • Recall to Backup your hard drive

Formatting a computer will make you lose all your data that is why you need to back up your system with an external drive (CDs)


  • Wait till the CD finishes loading and have the patient avoid the temptation to intervene if intervene it may take some time.

have patience for the installations to complete this When the installation is complete, a normal fresh desktop will appear on your computer screen.

  • Put the operating system disk into your CD/DVD drive when once you insert it, it will normally run, but if not running you need to spin the disc with your clean finger.


  • The Restored Partition

This mode is also good if your disk is not with you and it may take about 30 minutes of your time to finish it.

  • Easily restart your computer

wait till the machine reboots. when it’s rebooting, tap F10 repeatedly, It will truly take you to the partition with restore or repair options in your computer.

  • Install a new system

A restored partition will totally run the program to format, reload the OS, install drivers and install all that computer software that was stored in the laptop when you buy it.

  • Please kindly Wait for the reformatting to be complete usually. this May 30 minutes of your time.


Step of what you should do before 

Reformatting Your



    • Always Create a good copy of your drivers.
    • Remember to save your important movies, music, and documents properly.
    • Kindly make a copy of your browser settings
    • Be able to get the list of the software installed on your laptop correctly
    • Be able to Save your downloads stuff in progress
    • Always back up your mail client
    • Be Ensure you have all the serial keys you may need.
    • Have to Double check if you still have your original installation disks

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