Step by Step skills to Scan Access Bank statement

 Checking and reading your bank statement bring you some idea of changes in your account including your transaction mmode in your account.

The may ask what’s bank statement: as the name implies,bank statement is a three digits cord that is use in monitoring you account including your account history and so on,with this cord (*901#) you can access your bank statement simply.

Step by Step skills to Scan your Access Bank statement

To follow, then simply dail

  • *901# on the phone number you use in creating your bank account.
  • Simply tap on number 4 (four) Press send immediately.
  • Kindly tap number the second time for your enquiry service.
  • Simply reply with options 1 for small statement.
  • Follow the next order to see your bank account statement.
  • Immediately you will receive a message with your state on your phone.

I think with this article you can be able to access your bank statement

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