Simply step to create mobiles Recharge cards

Creating a mobiles recharge card with your phone is another form of silent youth empowerment, it can also limit stress from moving out to buy cards outside not only limiting stress, card creating is another form of being independent in a sense that you as the producers can also use this vacancy to create a pastime job for yourself as a youth which will, in turn, bring you income.

Redbillers is the best platform for the creation of your card. You may ask Who are Redbillers: As they imply they are brands that are able and capable of making you create and print your mobile card without any restriction or problem.

I then bring you the steps to follow

Step to create and print your recharge card

  • Always create your account with Redbillers to enable create your recharge card.
  • Fund your account with the amount you want to use for your investment, including the recharge card pin generation and you then create your business account. Go to your dashboard and click on the (Open Shop) menu.
  • Then it will take you to your shop in which your customer see and, pay for your work. this point is the place you can be able to create your recharge card pin.
  • Simply click on the (Generate Airtime Pins)in this point you will be directed to another page.
  • Kindly put the digit of Pins and the amount. The minimum amount you can create is 50naira. This mode works for all types of networks that use a universal recharge pin (*258*) then pin#.
  • After you finish with that step, you then add it to your cart and pay for it from your original wallet.
  • You can now check on the original pin you have created when once it is successful.

With this article, you can be able to start and create your recharge card for yourself and commercial sales too.

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