Simple steps and rules to create a blog and get paid


 Blogging is a chance for you to grow up your mind as a student, stop depending on your parent too much for some financial issues, here are some simple ways to get you out of this situation.

   Am here to explain the ways and how you can do that.

First of all, we will go into some explanations that will enable you to understand what we are talking about blogging.

  • First, what’s a blog: A blog is a written website page, in which an individual or a group of people brings up his or their ideals to motivate others and tell them what to do, when and how to do it, either in an informal or conversational form.

Let me simply take you in the best directions that will take you to your destination. In this case, there is what we call in blogging.

  • As the name implies, is an application that will enable you to work freely and comfortably on your website. has many tools that will enable you to edit, add and publish, this app is available for windows like Mac/Linux.

First, create your website, set it up, and start blogging.

In blogging the are some steps to follow to become a successful blogger,(well the start may seem to be hard, but in the end, joys cometh in the morning).

Here is the step to follow before starting a blog:


Steps And Rules To Follow Before Starting A Blog

  • First, choose a blog name that will give a direct description of what you want to blog on your website.
  • Get your blog registered and get your hosting fit.
  • Customize your blog in a good way that will beautify your website.
  • Write a reasonable post and arranged them in a proper way before posting.
  • Promote your blog: this is another important step you should do as a new blogger.
  • At last, make money on blogging. This last step is everyone’s goal.


This is the best important rule for every blogger to take note :

  • As a good blogger in some cases, keep your blog short.
  • Try to be a leader, don’t follow others.
  • Always try to produce original content: This means, you should not plagiarize another individual text.
  • Always stay human.
  • Don’t focus on the wrongs things.


End money from your blogs

This Part here is the best of all at every strong suffering you have suffered.

It is just a simple step to follow.


  • First, you need to create a Google Adsense account.
  • Apply your website to it, by copying your domain name and past it on the space that will be given to you.

If you have followed the step correctly

  • A message will be sent to you with a code, Kindly activate it on your website and start ending your money.


Note: Google AdSense is the best part to follow, they love you, always make your important deals with them, they are always truthful.

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