Simple step to set up a mini shop in South Africa

Creating a mini shop for yourself as a South African student is a good thing to do which can make you as a student to be independent and also be able to care for yourself, and you as a student can also raise money from it to maintain yourself with this ideal you have been able to create a part-time job for yourself.

Before starting a mini shop for yourself as a South African student, there are some things you need to understand and know about them.

Things you need to know before setting up a mini shop:

First  thing is

  • Capital

Capital as the implies is a very important item which you need to have before every other thing because it is the root of every business and a promoter, capital also helps in terms of stocking your shop with goods, that’s why capital is important in business.


  • Being able to monitor the area

This means you as the seller should be able to observe and check the area you are starting your business so that you will be able to know what to sell and this is also important in building a mini shop for yourself.


  • The type of product you sell matters

Being able to know the type of product you sell and what you offer to your customers may promote and bring more customers to you as the seller, try to sell a good quality product at an affordable price this will make your customer buy with you every day.


  • Being able to tag a name to your shop

With this form, you can easily recognize anywhere, when once direct anyone to your shop

E.g (WAP & KENZY) Shop.


  • Being able to respond to customer friendly

This is the best of all being able to respond to customers friendly will also help you in adverting your shop, which means, with your behavior and how your items are clean it will attrack customers to buy your items.


  • Being able to calculate

This means you should have a small idea in calculating and managing your money,and also help to limit loss of profit and to stop making mistakes in your business.


  • Always open your shop early

Being early to your work is the best hack in business wih this you can attrack more customers to your business try to be early,so that you can be able to promote and make your business run very well.


Being able to have and perform all this qualities listed on top, you are definitely qualified to open a mini shop for yourself

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