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Simple Step On How to Process Cassava into Garri

Simple Step On How to Process Cassava into Garri

Cassava is a free give plant from nature, cassava, as the name implies, is a commonly grown plant that can germinate in any soil depending on the maintenance,  Cassava is a carbohydrate fiber that is capable of producing the body with sugar and starch and also responsible in building the body up.

Manihot esculenta known as cassava is good for the human body.

To tell you how to process Manihot esculenta into a consumer product, there is some step to follow which may lead you to what you want exactly.

Garri processing is a very critical product that may seem to be hard, but am here to bring you the simplest way that may speed you up in the processing of cassava into garri.

First to think about:

People may ask what’s garri: Garri as the name tag of the product is a starch substant that is produced from cassava when processed.

Garri sometimes can be yellow in color or white depending on the producer’s want.

Here is all simple step to follow:

  • cassava as the implies has a brown layer, remove the brown layer out.
  • Wash the white surface very well.
  • Ensure to use your metal grinder, metal grinder is advisable in the grinding of cassava because of its nature.
  • Then put it in the sac, sac bags is very important in the processing of cassava, why because they allow water to pass through it easily,
  • This step is very important in cassava processing, first, you need to have an iron presser that will help you press the cassava moisture out, the cassava contains moisture that is white as milk in complexion. so you need to remove the moisture and make it dry without heating it with fire.
  • Sieving material and steel besin is required, sieve the cassava cheap ones into another basin.
  • Use Frypan or anything you use in frying.
  • Then pour the grain inside, you can put red oil or not depending on the user’s want.
  • Turn it with your garri-turner, turn it very well till you observe that it is dry, when it is dry the garri will have a sand nature with that you can know it is dry.
  • Simply turn it into a steel basin because it will be very hot in that state.
  • After that, you can keep it in a dry place, note it can easily spoil if you keep the product in a cool place.
  • At last, you can kindly use it to eat with your best soup.

we hope with this you can be able to process your cassava into garri for family consumption and commercial sale too.

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