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Reset Your Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Reset Your Apple iPhone 12 Pro max

Reset Your Apple iPhone 12 Pro max, here is a true fact for you as a new learner, resetting your iPhone 12 pro max is the special idea that we bring to you, you can kindly reset your if some feature like this occurs on the iPhone.



Things you need to observe before resting

  • If it works very slow.
  • If Your phone hangs.
  • In case your apple iPhone 12 pro max memory is full.

When you note some incidents like this in your iPhone, this is the time you need to rest your 12 Pro max.


  • Simply “ON” your 12 pro max.
  • Kindly go to the “setting app” on your 12 Pro max.
  • Simply go to the “general sections” inside the “setting apps”.
  • Look for the “Reset option” within the “general section” and click on it.
  • When you click, a command will appear on the screen like erase or delete all content and settings”.
  • Kindly “click” on the command.
  • In this process, it will need your iPhone 12 Pro Max password and also if you have verified it.
  • Your iCloud user name and your password will be needed in this process.
  • your apple iPhone 12 Pro max will restart and reset by itself.

Reset your 12 Pro max Apple iPhone and make it smart.

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