Racism at a Durban high school results in department intervention

Hillcrest Hill School in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal has come under scrutiny following numerous allegations of ongoing incidents of misbehavior and racism at the school. Angry students voiced their opinion on attending school. The KwaZulu Natal Department of Education has announced it will hold a week-long commission of inquiry into allegations of incidents of racism, sexism and bullying at Hillcrest High School in Durban.

The school has also been accused of covering up numerous incidents and acts of racism that occurred among students.

Students commented that the school’s code of conduct was very problematic, saying that some codes applied strictly to black students, while concessions were made to white students.

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In light of the events, KZN Education MEC Mbali Frazer visited the high school on Thursday to meet with the school’s management team to address concerns raised by students.

A number of WhatsApp group chat screenshots have reportedly been released on social media over the past year. The leaked cottages have since sparked outrage among students and parents.

In the chats, there is an exchange of views between a group of men who use derogatory words at the school towards black students.

Students and parents have held numerous protests at the school, expressing their concern and anger at the school for only temporarily suspending the boy following the incident, and they feel that no real steps are being taken to address the issues of racism at the school. school.

Education MEC Mbali Frazer said: Everything the students said was shocking and sad. We cannot keep racists in our department and we will not allow racism in our schools.
During the meeting, a hand full of students spoke to the MEC and expressed that they do not feel safe at school because they experience racist abuse on a daily basis.

Frazer added that the department would ensure that an experienced team dealt with the inquiry and that the department would ensure that any concerns raised at the meeting were addressed.

The inquiry is scheduled to be completed and ready by Friday 26 August.

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