Preparations of fresh coconut oil

Coconut oil is a very important oil for human consumption but in some cases, people don’t know how to produce it. Coconut oil as the name implies has the essential protein that we need for nourishment and also it’s medicinal to us as humans beings, we need coconut oil for our body maintainers. Being able to produce it by yourself is a great chance of skill for you. Production of coconut oil is very simple when once you know the step.


Simple step to follow and produce your coconut oil

  • Be able to remove the husk. As we have already known that coconut has two layers before you reach the real body of the coconut. This means that you should remove the shell of the coconut wash the fresh body of the coconut and keep it dry for some minutes.
  • Be able to grain the coconut properly: this process is done with a blender or a clean grainer, grain the coconut well till you know that they have to turn into smaller particles.
  • Soak them in water and strain it properly: this process is done with clean water, put clean water on a clean and clear bow,l take the grain of the coconut you just prepared soak it directly into the water, then (Squeeze the liquid milk out to a different bowl).
  • Be able to Heat it properly: this is done by using your gas cooker, putting the milk liquid in a pot, or your frypan to heat, heat it well to about 100 degrees celsius
  •  Remove it and let it cool: Allow the liquid to be cool.
  • Be able to Take off the coconut fat: when you allow the coconut oil to be cool you will observe that the coconut fat will come up, simply scoop them out.
  • Boil it again: Boil the remaining one for 45 minutes and let it be in equilibrium heating. As this boils, the form will change, then you will observe a clean and clear spot of oil like a greyish brownish chunky waste. the oil will gradually separate from the waste, then remove the waste with your spoon and keep it one side.
  • Strain It well and cool them: You can do this with your sieving material at home.

Preservation method

  • Ensure that the homemade coconut oils should be stored in a clean and clear glass container.
  • Store them in freezers and other cool items.


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