Home Articules NSFAS Improving systems to prepare for applications in 2023

NSFAS Improving systems to prepare for applications in 2023

NSFAS Improving systems to prepare for applications in 2023

Nsfas IT problems were fixed at one of its branches
The current CEO of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) shared that he inherited a significant number of problems from his predecessors, including failing IT systems that were used as loopholes for corruption and maladministration. However, processes have been initiated to improve the problems faced by the government scholarship.


It has been reported that the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) is working on new initiatives, subject to an investigation by the SIU.

According to SIU spokesperson Kaizer Kganyaga, this investigation is focused on allegations of corruption and maladministration by Nsfas, including other matters in this scholarship system.

Following reports of government officials defrauding students of their allowances, questions have also been raised as to how the Nsfas IT system is unable to capture who would have released funds to that number.


In an interview, Andile Nongogo, CEO of Nsfas said:

On many occasions when we have appeared before oversight committees, we have actually said as part of these assessments that the IT systems are not fit for purpose.
Nongogo explained that the bursary program currently uses R43 billion for the 2022 academic year, the administration budget is R312 million and 60% of the budget will go towards salary payments, which also includes overheads. This means that there is little left to improve the systems.

It has been confirmed that the Department and Treasury have given Nsfas R65 million to upgrade their systems.

The process of building and improving these IT systems has already begun, according to Nogong.

It is said that some of the problems faced by the students will be removed with the many improvements that will be seen when Nsfas opens its new application cycle.

As lack of student accommodation is also another issue facing institutions of higher learning, students have recently raised their concerns on the matter and asked Nsfas to be more involved in the accreditation process for student accommodation as universities are not playing their part. part.

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