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Easy way to retrieve your NIN

Easy way to retrieve your NIN

Here is some skill for you to retrieve your forgotten NIN, the best privilege ever, NIMC’S USSD is the best service that will help you to get your National Identification Number back to where it was. No need for crying you can easily get it back with these skills.

Being unable to access the service kindly check the following steps listed below here, be careful when retrieving your NIN so that any errors will not occur.

These are the step to follow

  • Simply dial *346#
  • Select NIN to retrieve By dialing Option (1) if you are using the same mobile number you use in enrolling your first NIN Registration
  • Follow the directions and provide the correct requirement input.
  • Observed that 20 naira fees will be deducted from your phone credit to enable your retrieval complete.

With this, you can be able to retrieve your NIN correctly, fast and so easily.

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