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Easy step to becoming a palmpay agent 

Easy step to becoming a palmpay agent 

Being an agent to palmpay company will do you good, in the sense that,palmpay app is the best app you can trust and also partner yourself with.

Palmpay is a strong and firm app that can give up 100 percent assurance and care to your money, not only your there also need you to gain from them as their agent,palmpay app does not stress anybody or either make you lose, only the care for your money and also enable to do fast and quick transactions with them. Click here to download their app: palmpay for android (iOS Android) And also palmpaypartner ( iOS Android)

To become a palmpay agent the are certain steps to follow that will enable them to know that you are willing and capable to work with them, working as an agent with palmpay can easily change your status for good, work with palmpay and gain from them.


Step to follow and become palmpay agent

  • As a good agent, you must have a functioning account number.
  • Useful light bills and other bills.
  • Your international passport, NIN, voter’s card.
  • Being able to Construct your palmpay shop and giving the distance from other palmpay agents to enable your business to run well.
  • All agents should be able to approach the sample action and user relationships of the applications.

Simple step to ask for palmpay automotive pos machines

Asking for palmpay pos is very simple, but there is some skill you need to apply so that they can respond to you quickly.

First, you need to:

  • Simply download the palmpaypartner application above.
  • The application form should be correctly filled out by you on the app platform.
  • An empty paper concord should be uploaded.
  • Kindly and correctly send the outline form above.
  • Seven days later, you will be called by their group.

And also, in addition, to apply for the palmpay, the apps are for free, but you must pay the sum of 20,000 to collect the common pos and also 30,000 for the ios android `and to contact some palmpay office, here is the line to call.

In Ghana 0800725644,

Nigeria call 017005700,

The main palmpay email: support@palmpay.co.

Palmpay link that can easily enable you to make fast transactions https://www.palmpay.co/

With this article, you can be able to apply as an agent with palmpay to gain from them.

For any inquiries kindly do by dropping them in the comment box.

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